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How the Fox got His Color
여우는 어떻게 빨간색이 됬을까

Bilingual Korean Fox Cover

Translated by Kim Sung Su

“Well, young lady,” my grandmother said with a very serious look on her face as she pulled the bread out of the oven, “Did you know the fox wasn’t always red?”
"이봐, 젊은 아가씨," 할머니는 오븐에서 빵을 꺼내며 매우 심각한 표정을 지으면서 말했다. "여우가 항상 빨갛지는 않았다는 걸 알고 있었니?"

I hopped up in a chair and got comfortable as I shook my head no. I knew grandmother was about to tell me another story.
나는 고개를 저으며 의자로 폴짝 뛰어 올라 편히 앉았다. 할머니가 이야기를 들려줄 참이라는 걸 알았기 때문이다.

“Way back in long ago times, the fox was white. In fact there are still a few white ones,” Grandmother said as she seated herself beside me.
"아주 오래전에 여우는 하얀색이었단다. 사실, 지금도 하얀 여우들이 좀 있지," 할머니는 내 옆에 앉으며 말했다.

“But,” she said, “way back then, they were all white.”
"하지만 그 보다 훨씬 오래전에 여우들은 모두 다 하얀색이었단다."

“Then one day, a little boy fox went out to play. His mother told him to be sure to keep his pretty white fur nice and clean.”
"그런데, 어느 날 한 꼬마 여우가 밖으로 놀러 나갔어. 꼬마 여우의 엄마는 꼬마 여우에게 하얗고 예쁜 털을 깨끗하게 잘 간수하라고 일렀지."

“Now she knew,” Grandmother said, “that he wouldn’t because we all know little boys are full of mischief.”
"하지만 엄마는 꼬마 여우가 그렇게 하지 않을 거란 걸 알았어. 왜냐하면 꼬마 여우들은 모두 장난꾸러기거든."

봄 비

“So, off the little fox went, across the meadow.
"꼬마 여우는 초원을 가로질러 나갔어.

He decided he was going to see how many things he could go over, under and through.
“그리고는 자신이 얼마나 많은 것을 뛰어넘고, 밑으로 지나가고, 통과할 수 있는 지 알아보기로 했어.”

Well, the first thing he saw was a fence. It looked very tempting,”
grandmother told me, “because the space between the wooden rails was pretty small.”
꼬마 여우가 처음에 본 건 울타리였단다. 나무판 사이의 아주 좁은 공간을 통과하는 건 몹시 해보고픈 일이었어.”

Grandmother giggled as she showed me how the little fox stretched out his neck to take off on the run.
할머니는 호호호 웃으며 그 꼬마 여우가 어떻게 목을 쭉 뺐는지를 몸소 보여줬다.

“He had his tail straight out and just as he got to the fence, he tucked his little feet up close to his body and flew through the fence.”
"꼬마 여우는 꼬리를 쭉 뻗은 채 울타리로 다가가서 조그만 발을 몸 가까이 바짝 끌어당긴 다음, 울타리를 잽싸게 통과했어 ."

“He was pretty proud of himself,” grandmother said, “because he didn’t even bump his head.”
"꼬마 여우는 그런 자신이 너무나 자랑스러웠지." 할머니가 말했다. “왜냐하면 머리조차 부딪히지 않았거든.”

“He was so excited that he jumped and ran and spun around in the grass and the flowers.”
"너무 기쁜 나머지 폴짝폴짝 뛰고, 잔디와 꽃 주위를 빙글빙글 돌았지."