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Where Hummingbirds Come From
어디에서 온 벌새와서

Bilingual Korean-English Where Hummingbirds Come From

Translated by Kim Sung Su

It was a cold winter day.
아주 추운 날 이었어요.
The snow was falling outside
바깥에는 눈이 내리고 있었고
and grandmother was in her chair by the fireplace.
할머니는 벽난로 옆, 의자에 앉아 있었어요.
She had that far away look she gets sometimes.
할머니는 가끔 지어 보이는 상념에 빠진 얼굴을 하고 있었어요
I crawled up into her lap hoping for a story.
할머니 무릎위로 올라가 옛날 얘기를 해주기를 기다렸죠.
wrapped her arms around me and said,
"When I was a little girl
“내가 너처럼 아주 작은
just like you,
꼬마 아가씨였을 때,
my grandmother told me about some magic waters."
우리 할머니가 요술 물에 관한 옛날 얘기를 해주었단다.”




Where Hummingbirds Come From

Grandmother smiled at me and asked,
할머니는 내게 미소를 지으며 물어봤지,
"Would you like to hear what she had to say?"
“무슨 이야기였는지 듣고 싶니?”

"Oh boy!"
I thought, as I eagerly shook my head yes.
너무나도 듣고 싶었던 요술 물이었어요.
"This is just what I was hoping for."
“할머니 옛날 예기가 듣고 싶었거든요.”
my grandmother told me.....
이야기를 들려 주었어요…