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The Dance of the Caterpillars

Translated by Bin Hu 胡斌
The dance of caterpillars Chinese Word Games (汉语-英语词汇) & MP3 Files

In the fall, when the moon is just right
The deep throated croak of the toads goes “boom – boom - boom.”
蟾蜍低沉的喉咙发出 “- 波姆 -波姆-波姆。”
A sound, like that of a fiddle, drifts through the air… when the crickets rub their wings together.
Then the frogs begin to sing, ever so sweetly.
Enchanted by the music and Led by fairies ….
The caterpillars gather in the garden, among the flowers and gnomes.

“茶 - 茶 - 茶”的跳着。

And there, they begin to dance. They wiggle and shake as fairies fly above them.
They dance under fallen leaves and on top of mushrooms.
One behind the other, they “cha – cha – cha” up one side of the pagoda,
它们一个接一个的,“茶 - 茶 - 茶”的跳着。从塔顶的一边,