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The Dance of The Caterpillars
Dansul omizilor

Bilingual Romanian-English Dance of the Caterpillars

Translated by Noemí S.

In the fall,
In toamna,
when the moon is just right….
cand luna este clara...

The deep throated croak
Gatul umflat pradator
of the toads goes
Gatul umflat pradator
“boom – boom - boom.”
"Bum - bum- bum".

A sound,
Un sunet
like that of a fiddle,
ca acela al unei viori
drifts through the air…
vantul adie in aer...
when the crickets
cand greierii
rub their wings together.
isi freaca aripile unul de altul .

Then the frogs begin to sing,
Atunci broastele incep sa cante
ever so sweetly.
mai dulce ca niciodata.

Enchanted by the music
Fermecate de muzica
and led by fairies ….
si conduse de zane ...

The caterpillars
gather in the garden,
se aduna in gradini,
among the flowers and gnomes.
printre flori si pitici..

And there,
Si acolo,
they begin to dance. 
ele incep sa danseze
They wiggle
Ele se misca
and shake
si se scutura
as fairies fly above them.
deoarece zanele  zboara deasupra lor.

They dance
Aceastea danseaza
under fallen leaves
sub frunzele care cad din copaci
and on top of mushrooms.
si pe deasupra cipercilor.

One behind the other,
Una in spatele celeilalte
they “cha – cha – cha”
ele "cha -cha-cha"
up one side
sus pe o parte
of the pagoda,
a salcamului,

over the top
in varf
and down
si jos
the other side.
pe partea cealalta.