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Where Hummingbirds Come From
De unde au aparut pasarile colibri

Bilingual Romanian-English Where Hummingbirds Come From

Translated by Noemí S.

It was a cold winter day. The snow was falling outside and Grandmother was in her chair by the fireplace.
A fost o zi rece de iarna. Afara ningea si bunica statea in scaunul ei in fata semineului.

She had that far away look she gets sometimes. I crawled up into her lap hoping for a story.
Ea avea privirea aceea in vag pe care o are cateodata.M-am tarait pana in poala ei asteptand o poveste.

She wrapped her arms around me and said, "When I was a little girl just like you, my Grandmother told me about some magic waters."
Ea m-a imbratisat si a spus, “Cand am fost o fetita ca si tine, bunica mi-a spus despre cateva ape magice”.

Grandmother smiled at me and asked, "Would you like to hear what she had to say?"
Bunica mi-a zambit si m-a intrebat,“Ti-ar placea sa auzi ce imi spunea?”


Where Hummingbirds Come From

Oh boy, I thought, as I eagerly shook my head yes. This is just what I was hoping for.
Oh baietel, Am crezut, in timp ce mi-am scuturat capul spunand da. “Acesta era lucrul pe care il asteptam”.

This is the way my Grandmother told me.....
Acesta a fost modul in care bunica imi spunea ….

It was the time of the new beginning, when the leaves bust open on the trees, and flowers start to blossom. In a meadow, up in the mountains, near the cabin where I was born, a babbling brook appeared out of nowhere.

“A fost timpul pentru un nou inceput, cand frunzele incep sa apara pe copaci si florile infloresc.
Intr-o lunca, sus in munti, langa cabana unde am fost nascuta, un sunet de parau se auzea dintr-un loc.”