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Creations by Crouch Contributes Radically to Multilingual Education

How the Fox Got His ColorThe series of bilingual children's books by Adele Marie Crouch is focused intensely on helping today's children become the global leaders of tomorrow. As the world is increasingly interconnected, language skills will become more important than ever before. Language brings not only a means of communication, but also provides access to foreign cultures and ideas. These stimulate young minds in radical ways.
Alphabet Alliteration Adele Marie Crouch's series of books (Published by Creations by Crouch) are available not only in the standard European languages like Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Swedish and German, but also in languages which have few educational materials like Vietnamese, Indonesia, Romanian, Tagalog, Hungarian, Greek, and more. The books also include major regional languages like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Hindi. She's deeply concerned about UNESCO's list of endangered languages and has published her books in rare languages like Apache, Marshallese and she's searching for more translator’s, particularly for Native American tribal languages. Adele has assertively published her bilingual children's book in more languages than any other modern day children's author.

Gnomes of Knot-Hole ManorThe world is already changing both culturally and technologically in ways we never imagined. Adele's books are designed to contribute positively to those changes by enriching the lives of children. Available in both printed and eBook formats, her books are colorful, playful and they make learning fun. The most recent book, Alphabet Alliteration brings a linguistic flare to alphabet studies.
Dance of the Caterpillars Languages with non-Latin alphabets include a transliteration that is more useful for adults and teens learning a second language. This allows the reader to sound out the words even if the language is written in a script unknown to the reader.

The layout of the books helps reading comprehension as the two languages are stacked one above the other, making it easier to associate the foreign word with one's native language. Adele Marie Crouch has created a great suite of educational books to boost language learning.

For a list of the books available at the current time, click on this link:

Where Hummingbirds Come from Although some of the books are not presently available on Kindle, due to Kindle’s inability to support the languages, Amazon does have all the printed versions of the books.

Adele is constantly on the lookout for native speakers of any languages she does not currently have. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact her at:

Translators receive payment, their name on the cover, and a link to their contact information on the Creations by Crouch website.