Language Learning for all the World


Doug and Adele's quest to understand the world spans a wide range of artistic endeavors as they delve into language learning for children and adults with colorful and playful bilingual books that they produce together. Adele writes and illustrates with Doug's insightful advice and Doug handle the book layout, design and preparation for print or eBook production. They correspond with translators throughout the world placing a strong emphasis on endangered languages, especially those of Native Americans.


Fascinated by history, Adele and Doug have also produced two books of historical fiction, Catherine’s Travels and Lawson’s Search.


Adele is deeply committed to providing language training assets in the form of bilingual books, especially for languages which are less available, such as Swahili and Marshallese. She is also deeply concerned with disappearing languages like tribal languages for the Native Americans of North, Central and South America as well as the Pacific islands and African tribal languages. She's always on the lookout for people who can assist in creating learning assets for these unique languages with few remaining native speakers. If you are a native speaker of such a language or know someone who is, please contact us.

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